About Us

Hope Community is a church where all people can discover hope unhindered.

Look around, it is obvious that Minerva doesn’t need another church―there are many churches in our community that are doing great things. But we believe that Minerva needs a different kind of church. A church for people who otherwise would never step foot into a church. A church that is for our community. A church that is for the people of our community, even if they never step foot in our church or any church. A church that partners with area businesses and organizations to make Minerva a better place. A church that engages with people everyday, not just on Sundays. Thus, the dream of Hope Community was born.

At Hope Community our vision is to create a church where all people can discover hope unhindered.

Our mission is to help people pursue a lifelong relationship with Jesus.  

We believe that church is more than just what happens on Sunday morning. So, we will be open during the week for coffee. It will look and function as a full-scale coffee shop during the week, but will be a ministry of the church. It will be a place where people can gather, work, relax, and build relationships. The coffee we use will support missions around the globe and the proceeds from sales will go directly back into our community. On Sunday mornings we will gather for church service.